ice cream

$2.50 (1 scoop) $3.50 (2 scoops) $4.00 (3 scoops)

flavors (may vary)
chocolate, vanilla, oreo cookie, mint chocolate chip, strawberry, coffee, rainbow sherbet

baked goods

scone $2.00
muffin $2.00
chocolate chip cookie $1.50
brownie $2.00
banana bread $2.00

hot drinks

coffee $2.00 (small) $3.00 (large)
café au lait $3.50
espresso $3.00
café latté $3.50
matcha green tea latté $4.00
earl grey tea latté $4.00
cappuccino $3.50
hot chocolate $3.00
tea (tea bag) $2.00
pot of tea (loose tea) $4.00

cold drinks

ice coffee $3.50
ice tea $3.00
ice espresso shot $3.00
ice cappuccino $3.50
ice mocha $3.50
ice latté $3.50
ice matcha green tea latté $4.00
ice earl grey tea latté $4.00
ice café mocha $4.00


w/ banana & pine apple juice $4.00
choices/flavors: mango, strawberry, kale, cucumber (choices may vary)

soup & salad

miso soup $3.00

seaweed salad $3.50

bubble tea

milk tea flavors $4.00
original, coconut, almond, taro, honeydew

fruit flavors $4.00
passion fruit, mango, peach, lychee

specialty milk tea flavors $4.00
matcha green, lavender earl grey, rose milk tea


fried rice $6.00
with ham, onion, eggs, peas

dumplings (8 pieces) $6.00
pork and mushroom

steamed vegetable bun $3.00/each
egg & cabbage


vegetable stir fry noodles $6.00
cold sesame noodles $6.00
mandarin noodles $5.00
dan dan noodles $6.00
miso soup noodles $4.00


taiwanese bento box $9.50
white rice, pickled daikon radish, pickled mustard greens, tea egg w/choice of braised minced pork, chinese sausage, or salt & pepper chicken cutlet

cafe special curry lentil soup $6.50

ramen noodles $8.50

curry rice stick noodles $6.50
carrots, cabbage, egg

curry chicken platter $8.50
with vegetables & rice

taiwanese beef noodle soup $8.50

zhajiang noodles $8.50
savory pork sauce topped with cucumber & scallions

pad thai noodles $7.00
egg & bean sprouts

tea eggs (2) $3.50

prices correct as of 12/2019, though subject to change.
let us know if you have any food allergies.

Concord Avenue Cafe
294 Concord Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

reopening july 7th
tues-fri. 9am-6pm
closed sat. sun. mon.